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Why write a blog about moving to The Villages®?

It's called "The Bubble" for a reason. Ask anyone who lives in The Villages, it is a place unlike any other! Not only are we a community of over 120,000 people over 35+ square miles, but also a place with over 3000 clubs and weekly activities! How can you navigate moving to The Villages, Florida? I had so many questions about moving to Florida in general, but also questions about finding my place in this wonderful retirement community. Then, after living in The Villages for 3 years, my mother moved here. Six months later, my father and his girlfriend moved here. One year later, my sister is preparing to move to The Villages, too! All of them had the same questions that I had. So I had the idea to develop a blog (YouTube Channel and Facebook page as well) that could be a resource for finding an answer to a question anyone might have about moving to The Villages. I was frustrated about having to try to find answers on Google or having to watch a 45 minute YouTube video in order to find the 1-2 minutes that were used to address my question. I have a list of questions that I am going to answer on my blog. Click on the LIST button or "Blog" at the top of this page. Keep checking back as I will add 2-3 answers per week. Go to my Facebook page or YouTube channel (see LINKS) for to comment on what other questions you need an answer to. Also, as I find helpful resources like other websites, services and products, I will post them on my "Links" page. Check them out!



You want to move where? That's the question we heard from friends and family before we moved to The Villages. We were in our early 50s and ready to move to a warmer climate while we were still able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Our children were off living their best lives so we ventured all over Florida to find just the "right" place to move to. After seeing a billboard for The Villages, we came for a "Lifestyle Preview" visit organized by the developers. We immediately fell in love with the clean, well-manicured lawns, lush greenery and flowers, activities, recreation facilities, and cute, well-built homes. We rented for 6 months while looking for just the right house for the 2 of us. We visited a few open-houses but when we walked into our future home, we knew it was just right for us. We made an offer right then! Now we golf, swim, pickle ball, Zumba, attend art classes, visit Disney World and Orlando, have Tampa Bay Buccaneer season tickets, and even bought the house next door for friends and family to visit as well as to rent-out during snowbird season!